Q. i’m interested in buying a house in Amador city, who are the local realtors?

A. We have many wonderful Real Estate Agents in Amador County. See here: www.amadorrealtors.com/


Q. i want to volunteer, can you tell me what OPPORTUNITIES are AVAILABLE?

A. Click Volunteer at the bottom of this website and email us if you want to find out volunteer opportunities.


Q. what is the weather like in amador city?

A. We have it perfect here! Springs are green and mild, Summers are hot (90’s-100’s), Fall is colorful and chilly with sun that warms up the days, but bring a sweater for the evenings, Winter is chilly but the lower elevation towns (like Amador City) don’t get snow. Days are in the (40’s-high 50’s) and skiing is an hour away!


Q. how far is amador city from Lake Tahoe?

A. About 1 hour 45 min to South Lake Tahoe. Highway 88 is a beautiful drive to Lake Tahoe and through Hope Valley (go see the Aspens in the Fall!)


Q. i want to be part of Amador city business & community association (acbca) - how can i join?

A. Awesome! if you’re a local business you can join for only $60/year! Or maybe you’re just wanting to get involved as a citizen, we would love that too! Go to the Contact page and email us with your info and we can use your help on a planning committee or you can get on the board!


Q. is amador city really the smallest incorporated city in california?

A. Yes! The rumor is true. We may only have 150 people in this small but mighty town but we are incorporated - Mayor, City Council, Post Office and all! Come see what makes this place so special.